Customized European 

(rejuvenating, more radiant complexion) Steam cleaning, bio bids exfoliation, pumpkin or papaya mask, neck/shoulders/arms massage, vitality moisturizer, SPF-30



(control redness, improve skin tone) Gentle cleansing, anti-inflammatory facial rinse, gel gommage, Salicylic 20%, vitality night repair to soothe and build immunity, oxygen infusion, protein energizer mask, SPF-30


Oxygen Anti-Aging

(very dry, dehydrated skin, some acne) Deep cleaning, gommage skin polisher, vitality with oxygen mask, vitality with protein mask, neck/shoulders/arms massage, pure oxygen infusion with 87 vitamins/minerals, NMF, SPF-30


Deep Pore with Oxygen

(very oily skin, acne and acne scars) Deep cleansing, crystal microdermabrasion, bio-peel skin polisher, vitality night repair with oxygen mask, hands/arms massage, protein energizer mask with pure oxygen infusion, antibacterial moisturizer, SPF-30


Caviar Bio-Complex

(for tired, dehydrated skin to improve skin texture and firming) Steam cleaning, skin polisher, caviar bio-complex peel off mask (unique combination of bio-stimulators, vitamins A,D,B1,B2,B6 and amino acid), neck, shoulder/arms massage, oxygen infusion with 87 vitamins/minerals, LED, SPF-30


Fountain of Youth

(for fine lines/wrinkles) Cleaning, microdermabrasion with glycolic-8%, acupuncture facial massage or US lifting stimulation, oxygen infusion with 87 vitamins/minerals, NMF, vitality serum, liposome moisturizer, dome oxygen Tx, SPF-30



(post peeling, post laser, dehydrated skin, stretch marks, sun-damage, wrinkled, post-menopausal) Deep cleaning, gommage skin polish, lactic 50% or Glycolic-50%, vitality mask with steam(to build skin immunity, collagen sheet mask with pure collagen, US, neck/shoulders/arms massage, NMF, vitality serum, SPF-30


Sheep Placenta

(for blemishes, roughness, dehydration- not for acne skin) Deep cleaning, bio-peel skin polisher, sheep placenta mask(made in Italy) neck/shoulders/arms massage, NMF, A+ moisturizer, LED, SPF-30



(evens out uneven skin, revitalizes, lightens and brightens complexion) Deep poor cleaning, microdermabrasion, gommage skin polisher, pearl whitening mask(made in Italy) neck/shoulders/arms massage, facial massage, lightening serum, moisturizer, LED, SPF-30



(for fine line/wrinkles, stimulates, promotes micro-circulation, prevents formation of free radicals) Deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, bio-peel skin polisher, lifting facial massage, ginseng mask(made in Italy), neck/shoulders/hands massage, vitality cream, vitality serum, US Tx, SPF-30



(brightening, improves uneven skin tone, corrects hyper pigmentation) Mousse cleaning, bamboo micro-scrub, corrective exfoliating treatment with vitamin-C, Glycolic/Lactic/Kojic and Azelaic with Retinol treatment, anti-aging mask, neck/shoulders/hands massage, pigment restorative serum, brightening C cream, oxygen dome, SPF-30



(power C 7steps layered facial, replenish at cellular level, fights aging) Deep gel cleaning, detoxifying skin polish, Lactic-20%, bio-active vitamin C serum, honey-rose facial massage, pomegranate soothing soufflé, marine-C mask, perfect day cream, oxygen dome, SPF-30


Anti-Aging Non-Surgical Face Lift

(to nourish, plump, re-texture) Cleaning, gycopolymer phase 1-111, gold mask, neck/shoulders/hands massage with hot stones, NMF serum, facial massage, US Tx, LED, moisturizer, oxygen Tx, SPF-30


Enzyme Lifting

(exfoliates, increase circulation, capillary flow, stimulates lymphatic system, rejuvenates, tightens) Oxygen cleansing, enzyme exfoliation(tingling will occur for 20-30 seconds) mask-1 and mask-2(tightening and skin pulsation will occur), neck/shoulders/arms massage with hot stones, lifting massage, enzyme concentrate, enzyme gel, instant lift cream, eye vitality serum, SPF-30



Deep poor steam cleaning, bio-exfoliation, extraction, hi-frequency Tx, enzyme/sulfur mask, papaya mask, soothing mask, LED, SPF-30


DBH Beta-10 Herbal

(improvement of skin texture, reduces appearance of large pores/fine lines/wrinkles/discoloration/pigmentation, stimulates cell regeneration) Double cleanse, sea herbal and beta-10 mask with facial stimulation, vitamin-C serum, cellular hydrating mask, neck/shoulders/hands massage with hot stones, FO2 mist, oxygen Tx, Vitamin-C, cellular moisturizer, EGF, SPF-30


DBH Vitamin-C Oxygen Peel TX

(anti-aging, fine lines/wrinkles, sun damaged, skin discoloration, tired and sagging skin, impure oily and acne skin) Cleanse, pre-peel cleanse, gommage skin polisher,FO2 one, Vitamin C with FO2 oxygen mask, Vitamin C serum, hydrating/ cell rebuilding mask, neck, shoulders/arms massage, F O2 mist, oxygen infusion, colorlite plus, SPF-30


Non-Surgical Face Lift

(special occasion or for aging skin) Cleanse, microdermabrasion, skin polish, US Tx, micro current Tx, lifting massage, NMF, Vitality serum eyes, SPF-30


Lymphatic Drainage-Face

(restorative lymphatic treatment, regain youthful appearance)


Lymphatic Face & Neck 

(6 treatments = $425)

45min $65

35min $85

60min $85

60min $95

60min $95

60min $95

45min $105

45min $95

45min $95

60min $95

60min $95

60min $95

60min $110

60min $130

60-90min $85-$150

60min $150

60min $150

60min $110

45min $75

45min $85